Rally Obedience Titles

Belleville and District Kennel Club Rally Obedience Trials – March 2015

Two New Rally Obedience Titles – Splash and Britches with Judi Plewes and Bruce Brown had a great weekend in Belleville, Ontario.

Special Moments Of The Day

Splash and Judi taking their High in Class with their title leg of their Rally Novice Title. Splash’s attention and focus improved consistently with every trial. This was her first day of trialing. We love to see our dogs take on a brand new environment and grow consistently as the trialing day goes along. Splash and Judi’s scores say it all. First leg 70. Second Leg 80. Third straight leg, 99 and High in Class.

Britches and Bruce completed their Rally Novice title with all class placements. First leg 97, class second. Second leg 100, class first. Third leg 99, class second. Judi and Splash beat us by 3 seconds for the class first.

We also spent time on the way to Belleville visiting with the presidents of the Goldnote Fan Club, Marcia and Bruce McCallum and their daughter Heather Morosin and grand children as they helped us socialize two board and train puppies to young children and different household surroundings.

Thank you to judges Marie Sawford and Deana Abbott and the entire Belleville Club for making the trials so great!