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Are you looking for that perfect Golden Retriever Puppy to join your family? Goldnote Golden Retrievers will help you find a new canine family member that matches your unique household – using our experience and expertise.

Our commitment is to be a resource to you in the care and training of your new Golden Retriever puppy throughout his/her lifetime. You’ll find us near Barrie, Ontario.

Available Puppies & Planned Breedings

Holistically Raised Golden Retrievers

Dam: Goldnote's Miss Phryne Fisher - Phryne

Sire Goldnote's Miss Phryne Fisher - Phryne

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Sire: Chrys-haefen Look at Kyon - Lukas

Sire Chrys-haefen Look at Kyon - Lukas

Lukas – Pedigree Link


Litter Expected/Birth Date:  December 21, 2019.
Litter Release Date:  February 22, 2020.

Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet – Holistically Raised Golden Retrievers

Phryne has a beautiful litter of holistically raised Golden Retriever puppies. There are 5 females and 2 males! We have female deposit spaces available. All of the males are spoken for. Phryne (pronounced Fry -knee) will welcome everyone to become one of her fans who lavish her with affections. Please contact us via email if you wish to be considered for one of Phryne’s available female puppies.

Goldnote takes great pride in breeding Holistically Raised Golden Retrievers. We formulate and prepare our own correct, species appropriate, raw food diet. All of our puppies are hand raised in our home. We take great care to provide daily individual socialization from a young age.

Our puppy parties allow for close interaction with the puppies and their mothers.  After our detailed and individual temperament test, we choose puppies for each family just prior to the puppy being released to their new home. Puppies are released once they are post 9 weeks of age, and have been checked and vaccinated by our veterinarian.

Chava and Rebel Litter – We have females available from another litter February 2020.

Dam: Goldnote's Matchless Match - Chava

Sire Goldnote's Matchless Match - Chava

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  October 5th, 2019.
Litter Release Date:  December 7, 2019.

We have females available in February 2020 from another litter. Contact us for details. 

These puppies have all joined their new families!

Chava is a proud and a very natural first time Mom to 6 boys and 2 girls. She has more cream coloured puppies than expected. We also have some lovely golden tones in the coats of the other puppies.

Chava is a very happy soul who seeks affection from visitors and enjoys welcoming all of her admirers.

Rebel is a beautiful dog. His bright and happy temperament endures him to all he meets. Although Rebel does not live here at Goldnote, he is a very cherished family pet to his adoptive obedience show home near Kyon Kennels.

Goldnote’s Effie with Kyon’s Logan – This Litter is Fully Sold.

Dam: Goldnote Effervescent Essence RN - "Effie"

Sire Goldnote Effervescent Essence RN -

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Sire: CanCh Kyon's Daylight Saving Time - "Logan"

Sire CanCh Kyon's Daylight Saving Time -

Logan – Pedigree Link with Clearances

Litter Expected/Birth Date:  October 13th, 2019.
Litter Release Date:  December 21st, 2019.

These puppies have all joined their new families! We will have litter updates later in February 2020.

Effie has a smashing litter of 6 boys and 1 girl! In true Effie fashion she is being an exceptional Mom! Effie will be retiring here at Goldnote following this litter going home. She is an ambassador of the breed, who welcomes everyone enthusiastically. Logan is a Goldnote favourite as a father, we are excited watching these little ones grow up. We only have male puppies available from this litter.