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Goldnote Golden Retrievers will help you find a new canine family member that matches your unique household – using our experience and expertise.

Our commitment is to be a resource to you in the care and training of your new Golden Retriever puppy throughout his/her lifetime. You’ll find us near Barrie, Ontario.

Our process for puppy family applicants begins with this blog post. Please click here before you contact us.

Penny and Parker – This litter is sold

Dam: Goldnote's Penny for Thought - Penny

Sire Goldnote's Penny for Thought - Penny

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Sire: Can CH. Kyon Can't Get No Satisfaction - Parker

Sire Can CH. Kyon Can't Get No Satisfaction - Parker

Penny Clearance Link

Parker Clearance Link


Litter Expected/Birth Date:  May 27, 2021.
Litter Release Date:  Starting: July 31, 2021. - Provided Dr. Lechten says they are ready to leave us.

Everyone must follow this link and instructions to contact us about puppies. Puppy process application link, click here 

Parker puppies are always an anticipated arrival for us at Goldnote. We have had several successful litters from Parker. He is an exceptionally beautiful male. He has excellent structure, breed type and a “Headpiece to Die For”! Not to mention a round and warm personality to go with it.

Penny is a first time mom for us. She comes from a long line of females who have produced so well for us for many years. Not only have we had beautiful dogs from these females, they have also produced very sound temperaments, and health as well. Penny’s Mom is Ida, its startling how similar Penny looks like her Mom!

A lovely litter of cream puppies have arrived! Scroll down to birthdate, and release dates below. We have 5 males and 2 females. Mom and puppies are doing so well! All growing well, and thriving! Their eyes and ears are now open, and soon they will be starting real food! They are have started walking across the whelping box too!

Further updates about their progress. They are in “full swing” puppy play mode now! Loving some outdoor play sessions too!

Dolly and Gunner – This litter is sold

Dam: Goldnote's Well Hello Dolly

Sire Goldnote's Well Hello Dolly

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Sire: Goldnote There is Only One

Sire Goldnote There is Only One

Gunner’s Links

Litter Expected/Birth Date:  June 3, 2021.
Litter Release Date:  August 7, 2021.

Everyone must follow this link and instructions to contact us about puppies. Puppy process application link, click here 

Dolly has an exceptional litter of 9 puppies! Five males, and four females. Most have some colour, a couple are looking lighter in colour at the moment. As expected Dolly is an excellent Mom! The babies are thriving, Mom is handling the whole process in expert fashion, and looking great too. We are excited as Gunner is a boy of our own breeding program, even though he lives at Kyon Kennels as a stud dog. We know both sides of this pedigree intimately for many generations! We are eager to see these little ones grow up!

The babies have their eyes and ears open, are growing beautifully, and are starting to crawl and pull themselves up onto their feet and legs a little more each day.

They grow up so fast… they are playing so well now, running back and forth around our puppy room, loving outdoor time on the grass and learning about lots of new things and people.


Branson – 1 Year Old Puppy Available

Dam: Goldnote Feel'n A Hickory Wind - Hickory

Sire Goldnote Feel'n A Hickory Wind - Hickory

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Sire: Goldnote's Rebel at Kyon - Rebel

Sire Goldnote's Rebel at Kyon - Rebel

Rebel – Pedigree Link with Clearances

Litter Expected/Birth Date:  October 13th, 2020
Litter Release Date:  December 18, 2020

Branson – He has been a house dog with us from a puppy. We had hoped he might be an option for the breeding program, but he needs to be a touch taller for that, so we have decided to make the heartbreaking choice of placing him. We are immensely attached to him. He is a dark classic golden colour, has a striking headpiece, beautiful coat, fully crate trained, is house trained, has very good leash walking skills, especially for a young male of his age. Branson knows his name very well, if you don’t like this name, please do not consider him.

We give preference to placing our puppies in homes that we feel are truly committed to feeding a nutritionally complete raw diet for the lifetime of our puppy, and who also embrace a holistic lifestyle for our puppies.

We will only reply to puppy contacts that have followed our process by clicking here and following the instructions in the post.

If you are looking for a puppy in 2021, please contact us after February 1st, 2021 for updates.