Holistic Kennel – Do you Align?

Does our Holistic Kennel process of caring for dogs and puppies align with your home and lifestyle?

Before you send a puppy contact form, please read this entire post.

Following, you will find an outline of our process for inquires, puppy screening, questionnaires, interviews, kennel visits etc. It’s imperative that we get to know one another. We ask that you take time to read this post in its entirety before submitting a contact form. We are focused on finding care givers for our dogs that align with our Holistic Kennel processes.

What inquiries are we not responding to?

Be advised we will not be answering contact forms that begin with “hey do you have any puppies” or submissions at anytime that do not appear to align with our Holistic Kennel principals.

We will respond to contact forms that show us you are committed to holistic dog care.

Goldnote is unique in our approach. We are a holistic focused kennel. That means that we feed all of our dogs and puppies a nutritionally complete raw diet. We vaccinate for the core vaccines only, and do not use chemical flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.  We ask families of our dogs and puppies to make informed decisions regarding vaccines, flea, tick, and heartworm pharmaceuticals for their dogs and puppies based on their geographic location, potential risks, and lifestyle.

Our sales contract requires that our females not be spayed until 10 months of age, or later, and that males not be neutered until 18 months of age, or later.

We strongly prefer to place our puppies in homes that align with our philosophy of natural dog care. We are particularly focused on homes that are firmly committed to feeding species appropriate raw food.  We are very proud of the fact that our newest puppies are third and fourth generation raw fed puppies!

We have a Certified Canine Nutrition Specialist!

Feeding a properly balanced, nutritionally complete raw diet can involve a significant learning curve for many people. Our Certified Canine Nutrition Specialist, Yvonne King, has many excellent articles on her website about feeding a raw diet.  Yvonne has held workshops at Goldnote about raw feeding, but this has been paused temporarily due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are eager for these to resume once again as it becomes safe to do so.

Be certain to click on the links, and spend time reading the articles.

If you feel that you align with our holistic dog care priorities and would like to proceed to the next step, we ask you to please spend some time reading the following articles from Yvonne’s website:

We ask for a paragraph message in your contact form. Provide details of how you would align with our Holistic Kennel processes if you send a contact form.

If you would like to be considered as a home for one of our holistically raised puppies we require that you please respond with a few paragraphs about yourself in your contact form. We will need to know about your home and lifestyle along with exactly how your holistic health care beliefs would benefit a new puppy that might join your home.

Once your paragraph is submitted and we see that we are the breeder for you to work with, we will then send our Puppy Questionnaire to you along with litter details and information regarding telephone interviews.

Keeping Things Transparent

Presently we are unable to have our customary kennel visits and tours with families; especially as all of our puppies are born and raised in our own home. Although this allows us to provide constant hands on care and supervision of Mom and babies, this does not allow for safe physical distancing during family visits or minimize risk to members of the Goldnote family of care givers. We do, however, provide regular photos and videos of each litter for families to enjoy.

We have been able to resume kennel visits. On a limited basis we will be arranging visits with Mom’s and puppies outdoors for the foreseeable future.

In the interest of transparency during these strange times our website has photos of: previous litters, private links to current litters, our fully modern kennel where our own dogs and boarding dogs are housed, and photos of our property and over sized play yards used by our dogs and boarder dogs.

We thank everyone who responds with a paragraph, but will only send questionnaires to those homes that appear to be a match for developing a relationship with us, and our Holistic Kennel approach to dog and puppy care. 

Telephone Interview

Once we have received your completed questionnaire, we will review it and invite families we feel will adopt our philosophy of holistically raised pets to have a telephone interview with us.

Deposit Opportunities

We invite people to pursue a deposit for current litters only, following a telephone interview.

We do not accept deposits or conduct deposit interviews for litters or a breeding that may be happening in the future.

Deposits are accepted from approved families only. We accept deposits for a particular litter and a certain sex of puppy. (Occasionally we do accept a deposit for male or female if families would be suited to providing a great home to either sex of puppy.)

We reserve the right to refuse to accept a deposit or to return a deposit at any time now or in the future for any reason or circumstance that we deem appropriate.

How Much Do We Charge for Our Puppies?

Our puppy price will be made clear as part of our initial email process. We do not publish the price of our puppies on our website.

Health Guarantee

Our puppies come with a 3 year written health guarantee. Parents are cleared for hips, elbows, hearts, and eyes, and are screened for thyroid and PRA. We send all puppies home with a week’s worth of complimentary food. Puppies are veterinary checked, de-wormed, been given their first set of puppy shots and are home raised with lots of human interaction, love and caring from all of us here at Goldnote.

We thank you for your time, attention to detail, and sincere interest. It’s truly appreciated here at Goldnote.

If you feel you align with our Holistic Kennel approach, we welcome you to send a contact form.