Holistic Kennel – Do you Align?

Holistic Kennel – Are you a match for a Holistically Raised Puppy?

It’s imperative that we get to know one another. We ask that you take time to read this post in its entirety before submitting a contact form, or calling us. We are focused on finding caregivers for our dogs that align with our Holistic Kennel processes.

We want to help you understand what being a Holistic Kennel means.

Goldnote is unique in our approach. We focus on being a holistic kennel. That means that we feed all of our dogs and puppies a nutritionally complete raw diet. We vaccinate for the core vaccines only, and do not use chemical flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.  We ask families of our dogs and puppies to make informed decisions regarding vaccines, flea, tick, and heartworm pharmaceuticals for their dogs and puppies, based on their geographic location, potential risks, and lifestyle.

Our sales contract requires that our females not be spayed until 10 months of age, or later. We prefer that males not be neutered at all. But our sales contract requires a minimum age of 18 months of age, or later be reached prior to neutering males.

We are very proud of the fact that our puppies are third and fourth generation raw fed puppies!

Goldnote gives preference when placing puppies to homes that are committed to feeding a species appropriate, nutritionally complete, raw food diet. We however do not insist our families feed a raw diet. We especially do not want our puppies to be eating an incomplete raw diet.

We are committed to assisting individuals with making conscientious decisions about the health and nutrition of our puppies and adult dogs. We are also prepared to help families make informed decisions about feeding alternatives to raw food diets.

Details Matter – Especially when it comes to nutrition.

Feeding a properly balanced, nutritionally complete raw diet can involve a significant learning curve for many people. Bruce Brown (Proprietor) is a Certified Canine Nutritionist, he will be able to help you understand the importance of a nutritionally complete raw diet, if you feel you want to pursue this option for your new family member. He can also provide options if you choose to feed a kibble diet to your puppy.

Getting to Know You…

To be considered as a home for one of our holistically raised puppies we require that you please respond with a paragraph or two about yourself in your contact form.

We will need to know about your home and lifestyle, along with exactly how your holistic health care beliefs would benefit a new puppy that might join your home.

Ready to Send Us a Message?

Once your paragraph is submitted, and we see that we are the breeder for you to work with, we will respond with a message, and a detailed information package about us.

Getting to know you! Getting to know all about… our Holistic Kennel!

Our detailed Holistic Kennel email will hopefully make you “Whistle a Happy Tune”. We will do our best not to create “A Puzzlement” because it will include the puppy cost, guarantee details, parents health clearance details, litter information and timelines, how we choose a puppy for you, food costs, and so much more!

What do you say? “Shall We Dance?”

If you feel you align with our Holistic Kennel approach, we invite you to send a CONTACT FORM. Go ahead! Lets us know you’re “Something Wonderful” about to happen for one of our puppies.

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