Dog Boarding & Day Care for All Breeds

Dog Boarding & Day Care

Goldnote is thrilled to announce the expansion of our all breed dog boarding and Day Care (PlayCare) facilities. Our newly built, spacious and bright dog boarding suites, over sized exercise yards, and grassy play areas will provide your dog with the ideal canine country experience.

We have been boarding our own Golden Retrievers throughout Goldnote’s 20+ year history, and we now offer all breed dog boarding and Day Care for dogs of all ages and breeds. At Goldnote we take a holistic approach to dog health and care wherever possible, as such, we can accommodate intact or sexually altered dogs. We produce and feed our dogs a species appropriate, raw diet, and we happily welcome raw fed dogs.

Our fully modern stainless steel, glass and tile boarding suites create a private space for your dog to rest comfortably after play sessions and at day’s end.

Some dogs may prefer the company of a pal during their stay with us. Our Goldnote Golden Retrievers welcome guests of all breeds regularly, and provide a calming presence for your family member if requested.

Need Dog Boarding & Day Care for your small dog, senior dog or dog with special dietary or medical needs?

We are a team of experienced, compassionate and dedicated dog lovers ready to provide specialized care for your canine companion.

Puppies and smaller dogs are always given their own exercise yards, separate from larger or more exuberant dogs. Senior guests who prefer to watch the world go by a little more are kept separate or matched with a pal of similar energy levels or dispositions.

Should your dog require a special diet or medication, we can safely administer treatments as needed.

Dog Boarding & Day Care of your intact male or female canines.

We believe that it is in the dog’s best interest that they remain intact until an appropriate age is reached; meaning that dogs that have not been neutered or spayed are welcome at Goldnote Dog Boarding & Day Care.

Often we are asked how we safely manage intact male and female dogs in our boarding environment. We assess your dog for its compatibility with others, and we will have one of our own Goldnote dogs be a pal for your dog. Alternately, your dog may require that he or she be kept in a more private section of our play areas or boarding suites. For example, we often match un-neutered young male dogs with a mature female. We find that older females teach younger dogs good manners and appropriate dog to dog interactions.

PlayCare – Doggie Day Care

PlayCare will give your dog a day filled with supervised play, exercise and rest times. PlayCare is ideal for families who would like their dog to benefit from the opportunity to interact and exercise in a safe environment with other dogs. Bring your dog to us for a day of fun while you and your family are away for the day. PlayCare is available from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Plan your dog’s stay with us

We look forward to meeting you and your dog.

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