Dog Boarding & PlayCare

Dog Boarding

Goldnote offers dog boarding for dogs of all ages and breeds. Our newly built, spacious and bright dog boarding suites, over-sized exercise yards, and grassy play areas will provide your dog with the ideal canine country experience.

We are conveniently located in the Georgian Bay region of Simcoe County, Ontario Canada, the gateway to cottage country and the Muskoka regions. We are twenty minutes north of Barrie, ten minutes south of Midland, thirty minutes west of Orillia and twenty minutes east of Wasaga Beach.

At Goldnote Golden Retrievers, we take a holistic approach to dog health and care wherever possible. We welcome dogs that are intact or sexually altered, or have special medical, dietary or mobility requirements. We produce and feed our dogs a species appropriate, raw diet, and we happily welcome raw fed dogs.

Our fully modern stainless steel, glass and tile boarding suites create a private space for your dog to rest comfortably after play sessions and at day’s end.

Small dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with special needs

We are a team of experienced, compassionate and dedicated dog lovers ready to provide specialized care for your canine companion.

Puppies and smaller dogs are always given their own exercise yards, separate from larger or more exuberant dogs. Senior guests who prefer to watch the world go by a little more are kept separate or matched with a pal of similar energy levels or dispositions.

Should your dog require a special diet or medication, we can safely administer treatments as needed.

Dog Boarding for intact male or female dogs

We believe that it is in the dog’s best interest that they remain intact until an appropriate age is reached; meaning that dogs that have not been neutered or spayed are welcome at Goldnote. We carefully manage intact male and female dogs in our boarding environment. Each dog is assessed for its compatibility with others.

Play Pals

Where appropriate, or when requested, we will have one of our own Goldnote dogs be a pal for your dog. Alternately, your dog may require that he or she be kept in a more private section of our play areas or boarding suites. For example, we often match un-neutered young male dogs with a mature female. We find that older females teach younger dogs good manners and appropriate dog to dog interactions.


PlayCare will give your dog a day filled with supervised play, exercise and rest times. PlayCare is ideal for families who would like their dog to benefit from the opportunity to interact and exercise in a safe environment with other dogs. Bring your dog to us for a day of fun while you and your family are away for the day. PlayCare is available from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Dog Boarding Rates

One Dog, per night, per suite – $35.00 (plus HST)

Two Dogs from the same household, per night, sharing a suite – $65.00 (plus HST)

Three Dogs from the same household, per night, sharing a suite – $95.00 (plus HST)

The rate is based on a daily rate, not a 24 hour clock. For example a check in on Monday and a check out the next day,  Tuesday, would be two days of boarding, regardless of arrival and departure times.

Medication administration or dietary supplements of more than one item per day will be subject to an additional fee of .75 cents per dose.

PlayCare Rates

One Dog, per day – $25.00 (plus HST)

Terms and Conditions

In order to make a dog boarding reservation, we require the following:

A screening application must be completed. Either on line or by telephone. This assessment will help us get to know your dog a little better.

We require a copy of your dog’s vaccination record. All vaccinations must be up to date before your dog can stay with us. We require that your dog or puppy (as age appropriate) be vaccinated for the core vaccines of rabies, canine distemper, and parvo virus. We will accept current titer test results in lieu of current vaccines. Titer results must be completed within 1 year of date of boarding.

Bordetella Vaccine: Please note our policy on the Bordetella vaccine. The most current research suggests that the Bordetella vaccine is not necessarily effective against all strains of viral or bacterial causes of kennel cough. For this reason, we do not require our boarders to be vaccinated with the Bordetella vaccine. You will be required to sign a waiver that acknowledges that you understand the risks of boarding your dog under these conditions.

Flea and Tick: A flea and tick prevention program is recommended in a group setting.

Upon check in, your dog will be be given a physical assessment to determine that they appear fit to be accepted into our facility.

Business Hours

Monday thru Friday

8 am. to 11 am.       –        3 pm. to 6 pm.


8 am. to 5 pm.


Noon to 5 pm.

Payment Policy

Payment for boarding services are due at check out.

Payment forms: Cash or E-transfer.

Plan your dog’s stay with us

Please bring your dog’s current food with you at drop off. If you forget his food or do not supply enough for the duration of the stay we will supply a food of our choice and will charge the market price for the food required. Please note, we will feed kibble dogs kibble, raw fed dogs raw food.

Bedding and toys. We find that their own bedding and toys make a dog feel more at home. However, there is a risk of chewing, ingestion and stomach blockages from these items. Please only bring these items if you are completely confident they will not be chewed or ingested while visiting a unique environment.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog!

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