Mature Dogs – Exceptional Forever Homes – Presently We Are Accepting Inquiries For Older Dogs – Updated July 2023

We are currently considering excellent homes for several of our retiring, semi-retiring females, and re-homing a wonderful male dog as well. Our first choice would be to keep all of our dogs here at Goldnote. However, now that their breeding careers have come to a close, we recognize that these cherished members of the Goldnote family deserve exceptional forever homes.

Over the years, we have moved towards a more holistic and natural approach to caring for our dogs. We now recommend limited vaccines, natural approaches to flea, tick and heartworm prevention where possible. A firm commitment to nutrition is critical when we place our older dogs. We do have on occasion older dogs that are kibble fed, as is the case presently.

If you would like to be considered as a home for one of our retiring or semi-retiring dogs, or re-homed dogs please send a detailed email describing your day to day household patterns, family members, other pets, experience with dogs, and type of nutrition that you provided for your previous dogs.

We are specifically looking for families who align with our holistic dog care methods. Please also let us know why you feel you would be a good match for one of our dogs.

We will only consider placing dogs in homes that are within a reasonable drive of Goldnote.

We will not place retiring dogs out of the province.