Can CH Goldnote’s Prima Bella Cantor – 12th Birthday

Bunty Celebrates Her 12th Birthday Today

Bunty remains in great health as she begins her 13th year! Her favourite activities still include: welcoming all of the Goldnote Golden Retriever visitors, walks in the fields here on the farm, car rides to town, toast at breakfast, retiring upstairs to her big bed each night in Daddy’s room, visits/car rides/cottage outings with Marcia and Bruce McCallum and if we are not careful she tries to slip out the kitchen door and into any clients car thinking they might take her for a special outing in town.
Bunty’s mom Angel, (Kyon’s Silent Night) Goldnote’s original foundation female also remains in good health, she turned 14 at Christmas time 2014. We are going to pay Angel a visit in her forever home and update her photos soon.

A very special thank you to Karin Klouman of Kyon Kennnels for entrusting us with Angel all those years ago. Angel’s one litter allowed us to keep Bunty and bring Goldnote Golden Retrievers to life in future generations.