Remembering Digby

CH Maltcairn’s Digby Shines

December 11, 1998 – March 20, 2011

Digby - Goldnote Golden In memoriam
We had to let “Our Digby” go on Sunday afternoon March 20th, 2011.

Digby had not been doing well this past week. He was getting less steady on his feet, eating and drinking less and sleeping more and more.

He did however, enjoy welcoming clients throughout the week, barking and getting up to welcome several people! One especially touching moment occurred when our neighbours dropped over Friday night to visit with newborn puppies. After hearing the doorbell, Digby got up from his blanket, made his way to the front door and was very excited to say hello to Amy, Mike, and Logan Peaker. He in his usual fashion, accepted their petting and loving words and welcomed them inside.

Saturday was a long day for Digby. However, Judi Plewes had the pleasure of taking him for a walk down the road to spend time with him and share some special moments. I too had the same pleasure just a few hours later, and in the days leading up to his passing.

Sunday morning he was unable to get up off his mat for a walk before I left for church. I knew by the look in his eyes that Patrick (Sibley) and I were going to lose our “Baby” very soon. When I returned home following church he had not moved much, still would not eat or drink, and only lifted his head to greet me.

I immediately talked with Judi, who told me she had said her goodbye yesterday on their walk. I also let Jordon Peaker (our kennel help) know of how Digby was doing, he came right over to say farewell to his friend.

Patrick was unfortunately out of town, but by the grace of technology we were able to communicate. I was so relieved that we were able to make the decision together to let him go. So, after we said our goodbyes to him and told him we loved him, I called Dr. Lechten of Allendale Vet Clinic and Patti helped Digby find a peaceful rest.

I want to thank Louise and David Grant of Maltcairn kennels for giving me the opportunity to start what is Goldnote today. Louise seemed to know somehow that goldens were in my future. Little did she know then how much her words would change my life when she asked if I would consider co-owning a show quality puppy with her. We also want to thank Karin Klouman and Wally Barr of Kyon kennels for their unending support, mentorship and great friendship throughout this part of our “Golden Journey”. What a legacy of love, friendship and good times have come from one very special little boy. I burst into tears when Louise put him in my arms, for Patrick and I to take him home. And so now we cry again, for having to let him go. Peace be with you Digby. Our son. Our Baby!