“Barkley” Seaward

We took a trip to Goldnote just to explore the idea of adopting in the near future. Little did we know, our puppy-parent days would come much sooner than expected. After having an extensive conversation with Bruce and Judi, we were introduced to Barkley and it was love at first sight for all three of us. The next day we brought Barkley home and we’ve been a family ever since.

The ongoing support and advice they have offered us is incredible. Through our frustrating potty training period, Bruce pinpointed what was wrong and we’ve been very successful since. We’ve attended Bruce’s puppy classes and they’ve taught us as much as they’ve taught Barkley – I quite honestly believe Bruce truly is a dog whisperer.

Despite the little issues we’ve had, all negative feelings are forgotten when Barkley looks up at us with his big brown eyes and humongous smile. The bond that we’ve been able to forge is nothing short of amazing and we so look forward to continuing to grow and learn together.

~ Jo-Lynn & Mike Seaward