“Aria” Moffatt

Aria is doing great! She enjoys spending time at the cottage and is obsessed with the water/boat/fetching sticks in the water. She and Holly get along splendidly. They are so cute. They do everything together. “Two nuts in a shell :)”

Aria is so funny. She has these little quirks – such as her patented ‘self-petting’ technique, in which she swiftly inserts her head into the small space between my arm and my side. She’s adorable. We’ve been in New York City for a week now, and both girls are settling in wonderfully. They love the dog park and seem very comfortable in the condo. I’m very happy.

Aria is a wonderful addition to my life and to the family at large. Everyone loves her. Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt her. She’s a delight.
~ Scott Moffatt,