Holistically Raised Golden Retrievers

Dam: Goldnote's Miss Phryne Fisher - Phryne

Sire Goldnote's Miss Phryne Fisher - Phryne

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Sire: Chrys-haefen Look at Kyon - Lukas

Sire Chrys-haefen Look at Kyon - Lukas

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  December 21, 2019.
Litter Release Date:  February 22, 2020.

Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet – Holistically Raised Golden Retrievers

We only place our puppies in homes that we feel are truly committed to feeding a nutritionally complete raw diet for the lifetime of our puppy, and who also embrace a holistic lifestyle for our puppies.

We anticipate having puppies ready for release to approved homes mid-December, 2020. If you are looking for a puppy in 2021, please contact us after January, 2021 for updates.

We will only reply to puppy contacts that have followed our process by clicking here and following the instructions in the post.


This litter is fully sold. Phryne has a beautiful litter of holistically raised Golden Retriever puppies. There are 5 females and 2 males! Phryne (pronounced Fry -knee) will welcome everyone to become one of her fans who lavish her with affections.

Goldnote takes great pride in breeding Holistically Raised Golden Retrievers. We formulate and prepare our own correct, species appropriate, raw food diet. All of our puppies are hand raised in our home. We take great care to provide daily individual socialization from a young age.

Our puppy parties allow for close interaction with the puppies and their mothers.  After our detailed and individual temperament test, we choose puppies for each family just prior to the puppy being released to their new home. Puppies are released once they are post 9 weeks of age, and have been checked and vaccinated by our veterinarian.