DeeDee and Dutch

Dam: Goldnote's Dripping in Diamonds - "DeeDee"

Sire Goldnote's Dripping in Diamonds -

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Sire: Regalgoldens Dutch Treat - "Dutch"

Sire Regalgoldens Dutch Treat -

Dutch – Pedigree and Clearance Link

Litter Expected/Birth Date:  August 16, 2022.
Litter Release Date:  October 22, 2022.

Our “DeeDee” with Regal Goldens “Dutch”

We are excited to be bringing together these two pedigrees. Dutch brings an imported pedigree to Canada, we are eager to be able to have DeeDee with him. DeeDee is fun dog and energetic dog, without being busy. She has enjoyed her first few families that have visited her very much. As a first time Mom she didn’t take long to figure out that she could nudge visitors and they would lavish her with love and appreciation for her dedication to her 5 boys, and 2 girls. Sorry the girls are spoken for. We do have space for male deposits though.

Dutch I was able to get to know at a dog show early this summer. He is a perfect gentleman, an easy to be with boy who is also beautiful, and sound with a complete set of health clearances.


Aggie & Armani

Dam: Goldote's A Gusta Wind

Sire Goldote's A Gusta Wind

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Sire: CanCH Goldnote's No Crime of Fashion

Sire CanCH Goldnote's No Crime of Fashion

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  August 20, 2022.
Litter Release Date:  October 29, 2022.

Aggie and Armani – Our “A” Team!

Our own Armani has been a solid producer for us, so this breeding to our own Aggie is especially exciting. Armani is 11 years old, and continues to be athletic, healthy and young at heart.

The puppies have arrived! A large litter of 9 puppies! Five males, and 4 females! All cream coloured puppies this time around! Mom and babies are healthy and happy! Aggie is now ready for kennel visits, so contact us for details about our puppy process, questionnaire and to arrange a kennel visit with the entire Goldnote Gang!

Sunniva and Stirling – This litter is fully sold

Dam: Goldnote's Gift of the Sun

Sire Goldnote's Gift of the Sun

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Sire: Zenevieva In Designs With Blackpool

Sire Zenevieva In Designs With Blackpool

Stirling – Pedigree Link

Litter Expected/Birth Date:  August 6th, 2022. - Arrived
Litter Release Date:  October 15th, 2022. - Expected Release

Our Sunniva with Irish Import Stirling

Sunniva’s litter has arrived! This litter is fully sold.

We have 4 males, and 3 females! All babies and Mom are in excellent health! Babies are growing beautifully as Sunniva is so dedicated.

Sunniva was bred to Stirling from Blackpool Golden Retrievers. He is imported from Ireland and Zenevieva kennels. Stirling is beautiful, and an excellent example of the Golden Retriever personality and British Type and structure. I fell in love with him when I met him! So lovely in many ways!
We are looking forward to these little ones very much. Sunniva will happily keep you company in reclining chairs and couches! She is well structured and easy to fall in love with, provided you like clingy companion dogs. Stirling is a bright sunny boy who just loves everyone, and everything!