Talia and Armani – This Litter if Fully Sold – But another breeding is about to open for Deposits

Dam: Goldnote Dew of Heaven - Talia

Sire Goldnote Dew of Heaven - Talia

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Sire: CanCH Goldnote's No Crime of Fashion

Sire CanCH Goldnote's No Crime of Fashion

Armani Pedigree

Litter Expected/Birth Date:  February 4th, 2022. - Arrival Date
Litter Release Date:  Release Expected to Begin April 9th, 2022.

This litter is fully sold.

We were so happy with the breeding previously, we have done a repeat! Talia is a spectacular Mom! A true natural care giver! Her large litter of 9 previously thrived because of her devotion to each and every puppy. Armani is our own stud dog, been a very good producer for us throughout his career. Armani is a very fit and athletic, soon to be 11 year old who remains full of fun, a childlike exuberance and a passion for people of all sizes. Talia posses a perfect balance of: I will sit quietly so you can love me, but if you throw that ball I’m on it!

Puppies have arrived, we have 2 males, and 6 females! They are doing SO WELL!

We will only reply to puppy contacts that have followed our process by clicking here and following the instructions in the post.

If you are looking for a puppy in 2022, please contact us after February 8th, 2022 for updates regarding possible new litters that could be underway at that time.

Chava and Rebel – Summer 2021

Dam: Goldnote's Matchless Match - Chava

Sire Goldnote's Matchless Match - Chava

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  May 31, 2021.
Litter Release Date:  Beginning August 6, 2021. - Provided Dr. Lechten says it's appropriate to do so.

Chava (pronounced Hu-vah) is a very happy soul who seeks affection from visitors and enjoys welcoming all of her admirers. Chava defines the term “Love Sponge”. This is a repeat breeding for us as it was so successful last time.

Rebel is a beautiful dog, with an exceptional pedigree. His bright and happy temperament endures him to all he meets. Although Rebel does not live here at Goldnote, he is a very cherished family pet to his adoptive obedience show home near Kyon Kennels.

The puppies arrived at a lightning fast pace! Albeit, another night delivery, again! We have three males, and five females. All doing beautifully. Chava is an exceptional Mom; attentive and dedicated right from the moment of arrival. She attends to each puppy carefully, keeping them well fed, cleaned and stimulated.

Penny and Parker – This litter is sold

Dam: Goldnote's Penny for Thought - Penny

Sire Goldnote's Penny for Thought - Penny

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Sire: Can CH. Kyon Can't Get No Satisfaction - Parker

Sire Can CH. Kyon Can't Get No Satisfaction - Parker

Penny Clearance Link

Parker Clearance Link


Litter Expected/Birth Date:  May 27, 2021.
Litter Release Date:  Starting: July 31, 2021. - Provided Dr. Lechten says they are ready to leave us.

Everyone must follow this link and instructions to contact us about puppies. Puppy process application link, click here 

Parker puppies are always an anticipated arrival for us at Goldnote. We have had several successful litters from Parker. He is an exceptionally beautiful male. He has excellent structure, breed type and a “Headpiece to Die For”! Not to mention a round and warm personality to go with it.

Penny is a first time mom for us. She comes from a long line of females who have produced so well for us for many years. Not only have we had beautiful dogs from these females, they have also produced very sound temperaments, and health as well. Penny’s Mom is Ida, its startling how similar Penny looks like her Mom!

A lovely litter of cream puppies have arrived! Scroll down to birthdate, and release dates below. We have 5 males and 2 females. Mom and puppies are doing so well! All growing well, and thriving! Their eyes and ears are now open, and soon they will be starting real food! They are have started walking across the whelping box too!

Further updates about their progress. They are in “full swing” puppy play mode now! Loving some outdoor play sessions too!