Beezie and Mosley – One Male Puppy Unexpectedly Available – July 15, 2024.

Dam: Canadian Champion - Goldnote's Knickers in a Knot - Beezie

Sire Canadian Champion - Goldnote's Knickers in a Knot - Beezie

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Sire: Forgetting Fragile at Goldnote - Mosley

Sire Forgetting Fragile at Goldnote - Mosley

Mosley’s Pedigree Link  and Health Clearances

Litter Expected/Birth Date:  Born: Tuesday May 14th, 2024.
Litter Release Date:  July 15, 2024.

6 Male Puppies, and 3 Female Puppies have arrived safely! Contact us today and we will send you our information package email about other litters planned.

Mom and babies all doing well! Beezie is a true natural as a Mom, she is diligent in every way. From cleaning through to nursing endlessly, Beezie is complete devotion. Her passion is not limited to caring for her babies. She adores people, loved showing for her Championship, and has a following of admirers at the children’s day care where she visits often. Her best pal away from the kennel is Emilie Rose who takes her for car rides, day trips, and lets her sleep on her bed sometimes too.

Hatley has made light work of welcoming families, he thinks its great fun to work the room for petting and affection.

Due to a family emergency two days before puppy pick up day we have one male puppy unexpectedly available.

Available male puppy from Beezie and Mosley – Summer 2024


Beezie – Winners Female – Kawartha Kennel Club Show – Judge Ann Felske-Jackman – Handler Bruce Brown – Sorry Beezie, not my best stack. I will do better the next time! I guess I did much better, she finished her championship title efficiently.

Golden Retriever Specialty – Judge – Rony Doedijns

Emma and Hatley – Puppies Going to New Homes Mid August 2024 -Deposit Spaces Available

Dam: Goldnote's Reviving Charms - Emma

Sire Goldnote's Reviving Charms  - Emma

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Sire: Goldnote's Devilishly Determined - Hatley

Sire Goldnote's Devilishly Determined - Hatley

Hatley – Pedigree Link

Update: Hatley passed all his clearances!

Litter Expected/Birth Date:  June 15, 2024.
Litter Release Date:  August 17, 2024 - Estimated Release - Arrival Date Dependant

Emma will retire after this litter. She has been an outstanding Mom in her previous two litters. As a “Dog Dad” I am not supposed to have favourites within my family. But being truthful, Emma is one of my all time “most favourite” females. Sorry, she is not available for a retirement family, she is staying here with me. We are going to find a project to undertake together as she remains competitive for the show ring, and has potential for other competitive pursuits too. She is very devoted to all of us here, plus loves meeting each and every client and their family who visit us. Be careful, she could easily cast her spell upon you too.

Hatley is the perfect contrast for a sire for Emma. He is an outgoing, animated and engaging personality that loves affection too. The veterinary clinic manager (retired from breeding Goldens herself) who did Hatley’s Hip and Elbow x-rays said it best; “Hatley is an excellent blend of all the things I admire in a stud dog. Confident, outgoing, happy and personally engaging all in one lovely package.”

Hatley begins his show career. He and Gavin make a good team in the ring.

Emma –

Ginger and Pelham – This litter is fully sold

Dam: Goldnote's A Swing In Time

Sire Goldnote's A Swing In Time

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Sire: CanCH Goldnote's a Marquess in the Making - Pelham

Sire CanCH Goldnote's a Marquess in the Making - Pelham

Pelham’s – Photo Gallery, Health Clearances and Pedigree


Litter Expected/Birth Date:  Born - February 7th, 2024.
Litter Release Date:  April 13, 2024.

A beautiful litter has arrived!

Ginger has been a complete and total natural to Motherhood from the very first moment. She and Pelham have a perfectly balance litter of 4 males, and 4 females. Ginger is not only a great Mom, she is enjoying each and every visitor who arrives to meet her and her babies. Pelham thinks everyone visits strictly for his benefit. Both Mom and Dad will welcome you too. Contact us today for our puppy information package filled with details about our process and availability.  

Golden Retriever Puppies – Goldnote

Pelham at the Canadian National Golden Retriever Specialty

Ginger is a retriever after all, a second later she was off to fetch the ball!