Spice and Mosley – This Litter is Fully Sold

Dam: Goldnote's Spicey P - Spice

Sire Goldnote's Spicey P - Spice

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Sire: Forgetting Fragile at Goldnote - Mosley

Sire Forgetting Fragile at Goldnote - Mosley

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  July 26, 2023.
Litter Release Date:  September 30th. 2023.

Female 3 – This Puppy is Now Sold.

She is crate trained, sleeping through the night, knows to move along to the door to go outside for potty breaks, has met may clients who visit for boarding with us, and enjoys all of our staff giving him care. Puppy core vaccinations and regular de-worming’s are up to date.

Female 3 is one of my show puppy picks. I have been labouring over keeping her for myself. In the end I have decided to keep her brother as the link to this pedigree. Meaning this lovely started female is available for a forever home. She is crate trained, sleeping through the night, knows to make her way to the door to go outside after crating times for potty breaks, enjoys meeting our clients, interacting with her caregivers here, and following along on outdoor off leash walks. All of my puppies are home raised.

Female 3 When held and carried she is very loose and melts into my arms and lap, and is a VERY happy retriever. She sits well for affection, and is ready roll when the fun begins.



Spice and Mosley have a SMASHING litter of 11 puppies! Spice has been an exceptional Mom, right from the moment the babies arrived she knew exactly what to do, even as a first time Mom. There was zero hesitation or concern, she went straight to work caring for the little ones! Her enjoyment of the babies has not changed as they have grown up. Totally dedicated!

Spice is an affectionate dog, becoming very attached to all of us here at Goldnote in turn. She can be fickle though she becomes very in love with whomever is caring for her on any given day!

Mosley is a fun loving dog. He welcomes all visitors big or small with enthusiasm and warmth. He seems convinced that the only reason families drop in for kennel visits is to play with him exclusively.

Send a contact form today se we can send you our information package about our puppy process. We will be happy to meet with you and answer your questions about the Goldnote Gang.