Chava and Rebel – Summer 2021

Dam: Goldnote's Matchless Match - Chava

Sire Goldnote's Matchless Match - Chava

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  May 31, 2021.
Litter Release Date:  Beginning August 6, 2021. - Provided Dr. Lechten says it's appropriate to do so.

Chava (pronounced Hu-vah) is a very happy soul who seeks affection from visitors and enjoys welcoming all of her admirers. Chava defines the term “Love Sponge”. This is a repeat breeding for us as it was so successful last time.

Rebel is a beautiful dog, with an exceptional pedigree. His bright and happy temperament endures him to all he meets. Although Rebel does not live here at Goldnote, he is a very cherished family pet to his adoptive obedience show home near Kyon Kennels.

The puppies arrived at a lightning fast pace! Albeit, another night delivery, again! We have three males, and five females. All doing beautifully. Chava is an exceptional Mom; attentive and dedicated right from the moment of arrival. She attends to each puppy carefully, keeping them well fed, cleaned and stimulated.