Golden Retriever Puppies Available Now

Dam: Jewels

Sire Jewels

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  July 21, 2014.
Litter Release Date:  September 27th, 2014.

Golden Retriever Puppies Available Now

Currently we have one male Golden Retriever Puppies available now from Jewels and Lukas. His full description is below. This English style Golden Retriever Puppies are available now to go to forever homes.

Male 4 – ( Has found a forever home, he is currently on a month of board and train and will be leaving us in December.) This boy has a lovely face and pleasing head piece. He has colour on his ears, back of legs and down his back but he will not be dark like his Mom Jewels though, but will definitely carry some colour in his coat as he matures.  He sits nicely for affection, relaxes in nicely when being held or carried and calms when cradled on his back. He is an outgoing and energetic boy too and explores new things readily and has a great retriever instinct. He follows us well when walking off leash, is responsive when called and showed little or no concern for noises during our temperament testing. Sadly this boy was returned to us from his adoptive family as they felt their cats would not be able to adjust to his presence in their home. Our vet has re-checked him, he has his second set of puppy shots, has been on outing to town with us and was completely comfortable with all the things we exposed him to. He is doing great with house, crate and leash training and is eager to become a cherished family pet.

Female 1 – (Has found a forever home.) This lovely girl has a playful side as you can see in her head shot photo! Look at that paw come up for the stuffy Dad was about to throw! He level of confidence in new surrounds is excellent, she has a moderate energy level, melts into you when being held or carried, placing her head on your shoulder and calms when cradled on her back too. The female carries significant golden coloured tones all over her body. She has excellent retriever instincts, was nice to work with when handled and was food motivated. She followed along nicely on our outdoor walk and responded to our calling her well also. Her noise sensitivity was excellent during our temperament testing.
Female 2 – (Has found a forever home.) This sweet girl carries some colour, but is certainly on the lighter tones, some might even think of her as cream. This is the softer soul’d puppy. She explored new things nicely, but didn’t take on the whole world on her first trip outside or into new surroundings. She wasn’t a “fraddie cat” though, she didn’t flatten and freeze, she kept going, figuring out all the things around her as she went along. She is a serious melter when held, carried or cradled on her back! Her retriever instinct could be a bit stronger, but that should develop if small retrieves were done for objects that interested her are used. Her response to noises was typical (slight startle and recover efficiently). She sat for affection readily and was happy to stay and accept lots more. She would be a loving therapy dog, given the proper training and preparation by her handler.
Female 5 – ( Has Found a forever home.) This sweet little package has a spirit and energy to her. She is also a serious cuddle bum. She loves meeting people, has been a smash on outing into town. Her retriever instincts have really come to life and she enjoys her leash walks very much. Crate training is going very well.


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