Ginger and Pelham – This litter is fully sold

Dam: Goldnote's A Swing In Time

Sire Goldnote's A Swing In Time

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Sire: CanCH Goldnote's a Marquess in the Making - Pelham

Sire CanCH Goldnote's a Marquess in the Making - Pelham

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  Born - February 7th, 2024.
Litter Release Date:  April 13, 2024.

A beautiful litter has arrived!

Ginger has been a complete and total natural to Motherhood from the very first moment. She and Pelham have a perfectly balance litter of 4 males, and 4 females. Ginger is not only a great Mom, she is enjoying each and every visitor who arrives to meet her and her babies. Pelham thinks everyone visits strictly for his benefit. Both Mom and Dad will welcome you too. Contact us today for our puppy information package filled with details about our process and availability.  

Golden Retriever Puppies – Goldnote

Pelham at the Canadian National Golden Retriever Specialty

Ginger is a retriever after all, a second later she was off to fetch the ball!