Fauna & Armani – Winter 2015

Dam: Fauna - CH Goldnote's Planting Our Roots

Sire Fauna - CH Goldnote's Planting Our Roots

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Sire: Armani - CH Goldnote's No Crime of Fashion

Sire Armani - CH Goldnote's No Crime of Fashion

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  November 12th, 2015
Litter Release Date:  January 9th, 2015

Fauna & Armani

This will be Fauna’s retirement litter. Her career has been an exceptional one. She has numerous happy, healthy and beloved family pets in homes across North America. Her daughter Flora has a Best Puppy in Show and a Group 2nd to her credit as a young puppy and has resumed her show career this fall. We expect Fauna’s retirement litter to bring us beautiful, healthy and sound puppies yet again. Our own Armani’s solid pedigree, sound temperament, true breed type and cheerful disposition are certain to compliment  Fauna very well. We expect a rainbow litter of colour from true cream through to darker colours and tones in these puppies. Please contact us for further details about this litter of puppies or to request a questionnaire and kennel visit.