Faith and Logan – August 2015

Dam: Faith - Kyon's One Wild One at Goldnote RN

Sire Faith - Kyon's One Wild One at Goldnote RN

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Sire: Logan - Kyon's Daylight Saving Time

Sire Logan - Kyon's Daylight Saving Time

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  August 23rd, 2015
Litter Release Date:  October 24th, 2015

Faith and Logan – This litter have all gone to their new homes.

Faith is truly an ambassador of the breed, as is Logan. This lovely pairing is expected to produce beauty and soundness. We expect a rainbow of colours with this pairing. We are planning on the lightest of cream through to the darker golden tones in these puppies. A glorious litter of 4 males and 5 females arrived on Sunday August 23rd, 2015. This litter is currently sold. We will be releasing these puppies later in October of 2015. Please Contact Us for further details or to arrange for our questionnaire and kennel visit regarding other litters we are looking ahead to.