Aizza and Torin – Two Male Puppies Available – November 15, 2023.

Dam: Goldnote Has It's Own Way - Aizza

Sire Goldnote Has It's Own Way - Aizza

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Sire: Canadian Champion - Lost In The Space Anarchia Box - Torin - Imported from Poland

Sire Canadian Champion - Lost In The Space Anarchia Box - Torin - Imported from Poland

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Litter Expected/Birth Date:  August 13, 2023.
Litter Release Date:  Puppies Are Ready For Forever Homes

Male 3 – From Aizza and Torin is available for his forever home. He is very lovely to work with for photos and when handled at other times. He relaxed in well on his back, and gave me nice eye contact too. He sits long and calmly for affection, and shows a bright happy approach to people.

He is crate trained, sleeping through the night, knows to move along to the door to go outside for potty breaks, has met may clients who visit for boarding with us, and enjoys all of our staff giving him care.

Male 3 also showed very good retriever instincts, so would enjoy a family who enjoys fetching games. He has some of the best noise sensitivity in the litter for loud and sudden noise. His confidence levels were good, he follows me along well on our off leash walks and has a responsiveness when called.


Male 5 – From Aizza and Torn is also available for his forever home. We had SIX boys in this litter, we were spoiled for choices in fact!

This boy relaxed in when held and carried, he let me work with him nicely throughout his temperament testing in fact. His retriever instincts are good, he has a proud carry of his toys, and released them nicely to me. He explored new spaces well, and has a moderate to moderate plus energy level.

If you look carefully he has a little beauty mark on the left side of his muzzle. It is a tiny patch of a few black hairs. Perhaps his call name could be De Niro…

He sat long and calm for affection, and came back for me time with me. He has a happy and bright approach to people, he too has excellent noise sensitivity, and is biddable when called. He too is crate trained, sleeping through the night and follows along to the door for potty breaks. He has met lots of boarder clients as the drop off their dogs to us and runs along with us at playtime. He too will be happy to visit with you.