Board and Train

Board and Train Puppy Information

Our Board and Train Puppy services are an additional service designed to assist families with early puppy manners and foundation skills. Board and Train puppies remain with us following the usual 8 weeks of age release to families date. Beginning at 9 weeks of age we begin the processes of teaching your puppy to ring a bell at the door to signal its time for a potty break outside, crate training and early socialization to the world. We also begin foundation obedience skills that help a young puppy become a mannerly and valued member of your family. Board and Train Puppy services also include private transfer training sessions to help you and your family develop a skill set yourselves that will help you to continue training your own puppy. You will receive our Board and Train handbook and our videos to compliment the process for you and your family.

Our Board and Train service is not intended to take the place of you and your family training your own puppy or going to further training classes. Far from it! We simply prepare your puppy to continue its ongoing puppy education in your own home and with other training professionals in your area.

If you would like more information about our Board and Train program, please feel free to contact us.