CH. Goldnote’s No Crime of Fashion

I have always said Armani will be 2 years old at heart forever. This was such a tough goodbye. It never gets easier to have to make the merciful decision for our dogs. Letting Armani go from us was one of the toughest losses I have ever experienced. Especially just a very few weeks from his 13th birthday.

He continued his happy and athletic disposition right to his last days. I was certain he was going to be 15 or 16 before we’d have to say goodbye. But it was not to be. Meeting puppy families on Saturday, as he so often had by bouncing into the room, making time to stop for affection from absolutely everyone visiting. (It was a shock to so many families to learn his age, given how fit and capable he was.) Sadly on Sunday morning he was not at his best, this went quickly to our having to say goodbye on Tuesday afternoon. Our long time staff members and friends quickly gathered together at Allandale Veterinary Clinic (Thank you Dr. Lechten and your entire staff for being “gift” to us at these difficult moments.), to enjoy Armani bouncing around the room to visit each of us one last time. We happily obliged his requests for belly rubs and cuddles from each of us in turn. In spite of his seemingly “healthy and happy” appearance, his kidneys were failing him, we knew it was time to say so long to our boy.

Armani, we miss you each and every day. Your strengths, character, and delightful disposition live on in your children and their children. Thank you from all of us my boy for sharing such a beautiful unconditional love with us.

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