Shipping Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Bruce & Golden PuppyGolden Retriever puppies are regularly shipped across Canada, North America or around the world. The most common reason, is that people can’t find the puppy they’re looking for close to home.

Shipping a puppy may seem like a scary prospect.  When care is taken to ensure that the puppy is the proper age, healthy, and able to embark on a journey; puppies arrive safely, happy, and eager to meet their new human companions.

Individual countries vary in respect to their puppy shipping rules.

Puppies must have

  • All their necessary vaccinations
  • Be veterinary checked prior to arrival at the airport
  • Be ready to travel in an airline approved pet carrier

Certain times of the year are blocked to the transport of live animals (Christmas for example) so proper planning is a priority. Outside temperatures can also be a factor as to when a puppy can travel.

Although shipping and travel costs fluctuate and are the responsibility of the purchaser, we are happy to work with you in booking flights, purchasing the pet carrier and making necessary travel arrangements.

Please feel free to contact us about this option of bringing a Goldnote Golden Retriever puppy to your home.